Monday, 2 October 2017



Alle diese Dinge müssen verschwinden, ich bitte nur um ein vernünftiges Angebot.

All these items must go, I only ask for a sensible offer.

Email hier:-

O Scale items

Wild Figures

Storks family - 3d printed

Wild boar family

LKW + Autos

Other items

Couplings - five pairs of Parkside 7mm 3-link couplings - £5.00+ postage

Farm horse drawn slurry/water carrier - laser cut ready built kit

OO Scale items

Hornby R3427
Class W4 Peckett 0-4-0ST 563 'Dodo' in Peckett leaf green
DCC Ready
Hornby X9659 4-pin decoder included
. This is a unique decoder for smaller locos with restricted space.
Also included:

Narrow Planet Etched Plates 'George Jennings'
Pre-owned - Like new

Bachmann Branchline 33-225
16 ton steel mineral wagon with top flap doors in BR grey
 Pre-owned - Like new

Hornby R6676
BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon 'E306626'
Pre-owned - Like new

Bachmann Branchline 33-527
Tank Traffic Classic Set
Esso 14 Ton Tank Wagons with Small Filler Caps
1829 in 'Esso' Silver Livery
2232 in 'Esso' Silver Livery with Ladder & Catwalk
303 in 'Esso' Buff Livery
Pre-owned - Like new